☕ Coffee Shack ☕ ... Monday October 9th ... 10 am near Tim Horton’s ... Hillside Mall


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United Kingdom and Ireland SSB Contest

30th September / 1st October 2023


Calling New Members

Any radio amateur, a new amateur or a seasoned ham, is welcome to join IslandHF.

Featured Ham Shack

Highlighting members’ HF shacks which range from smaller mobile radios in cars/trucks to large and complex stations in homes.


Submitted by Alan VE7UBA

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HF Tech Stuff

A collection of useful technical information on HF stations and HF operations.

Third coffee get together on August 14th with Alan VE7UBA, Ted VE7XKD, Vince VA7YSE, Lee VA7TLE, Roger VE7AP, Rick VE7TK and Glenn VA7HC.