HF in the mall

Well, not quite.

Brian VE7JKZ had brought along his home brew HF impedance matcher aka antenna tuner. He had built it to take the 450 ohm ladder line from his doublet antenna and connect the line to his home built transceiver and amplifiers. He used the matcher for 20 & 15-meters during the recent CQWW WPX Contest. Check a previous post for his score on that contest.

I should add that the matcher caught the eye of two gentlemen in the mall, one quickly identifying what it actually was. We forgot to ask him whether he was a ham. The other fellow, 96 years old, dropped by for a quick “hello” and asked what we had on the table. Brian gave him a short spiel which brought a smile. That gentleman then turned and walked off briskly, cane in hand.

Below on the main page of the web site you will see some photos from the informal club meeting over coffees.

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