N1MM Intro – Zoom Learning

The first Zoom Learning session titled N1MM Introduction was held on November 22nd. By most accounts it was a success. A second Zoom Learning session will focus on Logbook of the World (LOTW), 3830 Scores, and the QRZ database.

Although the presenter was nominally Glenn Lindsey VA7HC, the “teachers” were all the IslandHF members who attended. It was learning via the adage “Many hands make light work.” Many thanks to John VE7JDB for his help with Icom 7300 technical data, David VA7VK for his insights on N1MM, and John VA7PX for the use of his Zoom account.

There were numerous questions asked and answered. One very interesting question was “Where did the term Cabrillo come from?” Check the link on the home page to get some interesting background on this subject.

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