Radio on the darkside – VHF

Four IslandHF members decided to do some radio work this weekend on the darkside – VHF! (That comment is very tongue in check.)

Many thanks to four members who volunteered their time to work as radio operators for the CARHA Pacific Cup hockey tournament in and around Victoria. Rick VE7TK, Ron VE7IRR, Alan VE7PE and Glenn VA7HC pulled multiple shifts at three different hockey rinks around town.

Hats off (face masks, perhaps?) to you gentlemen. 🙂

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    • Glenn
      Glenn says:

      I didn’t realize Westhills had such an invigorating environment, Ron. Oak Bay, by comparison, was rather cushy. The Friday shift was warm in the room overlooking the area because the baseboard heaters were on. For Saturday there was a small standalone heater that did the job. Always a good gig. I’ll have to tell you about last year’s surprise over coffee when we next meet.


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