Old SWL QSL cards

Many of you probably started out as a shortwave listener. I started listening to international broadcasts with an old Deforest-Crosley radio in one of those big old wooden cabinets. Probably with my ear to the speaker I listened to the overseas service of the BBC. I have one of its QSL cards.

I graduated to a Hallicrafters receiver (can’t remember which model) which I purchased for $60 in probably 1963. With a long wire antenna strung between two telephone poles in my parent’s backyard I was able to listen to some really interesting broadcasters. Below I show three of them: Czechoslovakia, Ghana, and the Congo. I received the Czech QSL card five years before they were invaded by the Warsaw Pact.

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  1. Zachariah VE7ZCZ
    Zachariah VE7ZCZ says:

    I had a big collection of those as well from back in the early 70’s. Unfortunately I didn’t hold on to any of them. I wish I had now.

      • Alan
        Alan says:

        Glenn – I have a Deforest-Crosley radio from the 1930s if you want to borrow it for SWLing. It uses three O1A tubes. ha!



        • Glenn Lindsey VA7HC
          Glenn Lindsey VA7HC says:

          Thanks for the generous offer, Alan. However, SWL isn’t as much fun these days. More fun trying log QRP FT8 contacts 13K away in the southern hemisphere.


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