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Canadian Prairies QSO Party

The HF bands were a challenge with 40-meters having a S8-S9 noise problem. 20-meters was good but 15 & 10 not so.

I could only spend a short amount of time on Saturday because of other commitments. Made four SSB contacts on 20-meters. Heard a number of other stations but could not contact.

One of the VE5 stations turned his beam to better hear me. He then mentioned he would swing it SE to work the richer territory of the northeast USA. Clearly Canadian amateurs in BC would have to work harder to make contacts.

My humble log of four SSB contacts.

Recent Contest Activity – VE7JKZ

Not much that’s for sure, and when I have been on propagation has been awful with geomagnetic disturbances. With 20/15m parallel dipoles I’m limited to those bands until my new antenna is operational.

The JA dx contest was a few weeks ago and it was all I could do to make dozen or so Qs. Sent in the log – who knows maybe I’ll get a certificate for something or another.

Then there was the Florida QSO party. Another disaster and all I could do was make a couple of dozen Qs. Sent in the log for that one as well.

This weekend was the 7QP but I didn’t hear much so spent the weekend working on my new antenna.

We are on the upswing for cycle 25 so things will get better that’s for sure.

7QP bust

To my dismay, I wasn’t successful with operating SSB in the 7QP QSO Party. My N1MM software had been trashed by a recent Microsoft operating system update.

When I finally was able to update my logging software, I had download and reinstall it. Which meant I also had to redo my config information. I was a little bummed out.

So maybe in May 2024 I’ll work the 7QP.

Glenn Lindsey VA7HC