IslandHF Radio Association will be experimenting with 3 platforms for digital Net on 40 meters every Tuesday on HF using the center frequency of 7.120MHz as follows :

JS8call: from 7:00pm to 7:30pm
VaraC: from 7:30pm to 8:00pm
Winlink Express session P2P using modem VARA HF: from 8:00pm to 8:30PM.

These experimental digital nets will be operational until Dec 19th, 2023 for review and assessment. Any station worldwide can participate even if you don’t hear anything, just send a “Hello …” no matter what. Thanks.

If you already do digital/packet radio using FT8 then JS8call and VarAC are similar to FT8 with chat capability and many other features.

For JS8Call and VarAC, send a beacon, broadcast or JS8Call HB, Center Frequency 7.120MHz even if you don’t hear anything, we may hear you.

During those nets please use PSK Reception Map to check whose stations can be received or be heard.

For Winlink Express send a P2P message using VARA HF Center Frequency 7.120MHz to VA7YJJ or another station that you know is participating during this 1/2 hour net on that Frequency.

You can participate in these 3 platforms or only one of them, whichever one that is of most interest to you. Thank you.

Resources below:

VARA modems is necessary for VarAC. VARA modems, created  by EA5HVK
They have 4 modem types  vara HF, vara FM, vara SAT …
Use vara HF.
The free version is limited to low speed (500Hz) which is sufficient for VarAC.

VarAC is a modern HF P2P real-time chat application by 4Z1AC and can be downloaded at:
Overview Doc:

JS8Call is similar to FT8 but with chat/group capability.
Overview Docs by Robert Mazur VE3ROM:

For JS8 part 1
For JS8 part 2

PSK Reporter:
For those who are not familiar with HF digital radio modes, PSK reporter is an on line application that is at the heart of the digital platforms.
Site at:

Winlink Express is a Packet world wide mail server with P2P option.
Overview doc:

More info contact Joseph at va7yjj on the IslandHF Discord Server. If you are not a member then go online to sign in for a free membership to have access to IslandHF Discord Server.
Free membership on-line
Site :

Here is an image from PSK filter Nov 15 at 6pm past 3 hours on VARAC, yellow is 20m, blue is 40m, mostly used. It is a busy world out there. Monitor picked me up 2200 miles away, SNR -9dB, using 75 watts.