Why another radio amateur club?

IslandHF fills a need of radio amateurs on Vancouver Island who like HF operations.

Does IslandHF have VHF/UHF repeaters?

No. Its focus is high Frequency (HF) communications.

Can newly licensed radio amateurs join the club?

Yes. New radio amateurs are the second focus of IslandHF.

Will IslandHF help new radio amateurs with HF communications?

Yes. In-person and online help is available.

What is the cost of membership?

IslandHF membership is FREE.

How will IslandHF communicate with its members?

Two ways. Through its website, which is actively updated, and through emails.

Does IslandHF meet in-person and/or Zoom?


Where does it meet in-person?

Most often at coffee shops for coffee, donuts and QSOs. And sometimes at a pub. When members are really thirsty.