IslandHF Radio Association

Who are we?  We are a group of amateur radio operators with a special interest in the HF bands. Our club is informal and unincorporated. This website as a portal to our activities and interests. We have the club call sign VA7IHF and use it for contests and events like Field Day.

Where are we? IslandHF refers to Vancouver Island which is part of the province of British Columbia on Canada’s west coast. The club began in Victoria (the capital city of BC) and has members numbering over 50 spread up and down the Island and on the mainland. Uniquely it also has a chapter in Qualicum Beach, which will cater to and build membership mid-island.

What do we do? HF radio stuff! We like operating, we like contesting, we like building radios, we like helping new hams and we like learning. The hobby is infinitely interesting. We enjoy meeting for a coffee at the local java joint or for a beer at a nearby pub. There we share friendships and ragchew about HF and radios.

Interested? Contact us. Membership is free.