IslandHF SSB Contest Team

From its beginning the IslandHF Radio Association thought that HF contesting would be a fun activity for its members. The first contest entered by an IslandHF team for the NA SSB Sprint Contest.

The contest is unique in a couple of ways: it’s a “sprint” of just four hours. Moreover, operators can not sit on a frequency. After they have made contact, they must QSY 5 KHz.

The team score a very modest 1450 points. But it was a fun start. Here are a couple of screen captures from the 3830 Scores web site with the team members and their scores.

Number two capture.

NA SSB Sprint Contest – Nov. 12th


There’s a very good article titled Self-Spotting in the May/June 2023 issue of The Canadian Amateur magazine. The author Tom Haavisto VE3CX notes that in CW and digital mode contests their CQs are spotted automatically by skimmers. For phone contests, it’s a different matter.

Haavisto writes, “The difference is noticeable for phone contests. There is no phone skimmer so spots need to come from people who are manually generating spots.”

The ARRL allows self-spotting for all its contests. However, it’s important to check whether individual Provincial or State QSO Parties allow self-spotting for phone contests. The Arkansas QSO Party, for example, does allow self-spotting.

N1MM self-spotting