Roger Palmer VE7AP – his presentation

Members of IslandHF were treated to an excellent presentation by Roger Palmer VE7AP on Thursday evening, January 25th. The presentation was titled “More than a hobby”. Roger detailed his growth as a radio amateur and how it influenced him in his career and his recreational choices. They were varied and successful.

As many as 13 members were present for his warm and colorful storytelling. Today Roger resides in Oak Bay and continues to enjoy his radio amateur hobby.

You can watch a terrific video of Roger’s presentation. There’s a video link on the main website page.

Radio on the darkside – VHF

Four IslandHF members decided to do some radio work this weekend on the darkside – VHF! (That comment is very tongue in check.)

Many thanks to four members who volunteered their time to work as radio operators for the CARHA Pacific Cup hockey tournament in and around Victoria. Rick VE7TK, Ron VE7IRR, Alan VE7PE and Glenn VA7HC pulled multiple shifts at three different hockey rinks around town.

Hats off (face masks, perhaps?) to you gentlemen. 🙂

QSL query using Bard

Bard is Google’s experimental, conversational AI chatbot. I’ve started taking an online AI course to find out about and how to use Bard, Google AI, Gemini and other Google tools.

I decided to ask Bard about a QSL card image with the question, “What is this an image of?” I pasted the QSL image into the AI prompt. The prompt consisted only of the image and the question. This how Bard answered.

Unfortunately this cut & paste is a little blurry because I have enlarged it. But the AI recognized the image as a QSL card and got most of its information correct. Pretty cool.