Magic Tarp Antenna

YouTube Blurb

G’day mates – this 10 x 12 Magic “Tarp” antenna is crazy cool – as stealth as they come, and if you were camping, no one would know you’ve got an antenna up. Not only that – it works as a FULL LOOP on 15 meters, and then a long wire which happens to be absolutely resonant on 40 meters, and it TRIPLES as an incredible ground radial. This video was shot in my backyard, with lots of noise, and also the feedpoint was facing directly into a tin shed hahaha. This antenna at the park will be incredible! Can’t wait to try it. Cheap and easy to build mates. You will need a tuner, unless you want to just rock the full look on 15 meters and the long wire for 40 meters.

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Simon VA7BIX