Brian’s new antenna system

I’m making progress although slower than expected, which I suppose is to be expected….
All the relay switching is in place and functional although I am concerned about the current taken by one particular relay. Two pole double throw relays for handling RF energy are hard to come by these days so I’ll have to live with it and see how it goes.

The matching in the top loaded vertical operation mode for 630/160/80 was done then the tree guy arrived to move one horizontal end up higher which gave me another four or five feet on the vertical. This doesn’t sound much but it made a significant change to the matching. All done now.

Next is the matching for 40 and higher when the antenna is in the horizontal doublet
mode. This will be in the radio room so will be a lot easier. I’ll use my home built VNA to measure the impedance on each band then use an on line calculator to come up with the required L networks.

Brian VE7JKZ

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  1. Brian VE7JKZ
    Brian VE7JKZ says:

    I used my VNA to measure R +/- jX then an online calculator to come up with the L networks. This did not pan out too well so I used that well known technique of by guess and by golly. This did the trick and a matching unit otherwise known as an ATU was soon operational.


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