Buffalos on the Air

On July 22 in Comox, BC, Winnipeg, MB, Trenton, ON, and Summerside, PEI, these radio operators will use a combination of ham radios and existing antennae on CC115 Buffalos to communicate with each other and with other amateur radio operators.

They will operate on civilian amateur radio band frequencies and make brief radio contact with other radio operators around the globe, mostly in Canada and the USA, depending on ionosphere conditions (read more about the ionosphere below).

Cross-Canada ham radio event to be held at RAMWC – Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada

The four sites will be attempting a Buffalo net coast-to-coast on 14.135 MHz SSB at noon EST (0900 PST) on Saturday, July 22.

If you’re an amateur radio operator and would like to make contact during the event, here are the call signs for each of the four stations:

VC7BUFF457 Comox BC – Phillip Tanner VA7XOZ
VC4BUFF462 Winnipeg MB – Calvin Winter VE4AJ
VC3BUFF456 Trenton ON – Dave Ackerman VE3UGT / VE3OX
VY2BUFF451 Summerside PEI – Doug Silliker VY2DS

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