VA7IHF 10-meter results

I had the opportunity to work the ARRL 10-meter contest with Rick Williams VE7TK in his nice warm home on Dec. 9th and 10th. I make this comment because normally I would be working the contest out of my car at the Oak Bay Marina. This year the weather was windy with a cold downpour of rain.

I should note that we used the IslandHF Radio Association call sign VA7IHF. It is a club call sign which can be used by any IslandHF member. Just click the VA7IHF tab and request its use for a contest. If you check 3830 Scores for the ARRL 10-meter contest, you will see that our club posted a very favorable result.

Band conditions on both days were excellent until about 4:30 pm, and then nothing! However, during the peak times we had lots of runs with SSB pile ups. It’s nice when you’re running 350 watts into a yagi with a 1.2 SWR. In my shack, a 2006 Prius, I run about 50 watts into a $75 vertical.

Many thanks to Rick and his wife Doris for their hospitality which included strong coffee, sandwiches and mince tarts. And, oh yah, I can’t forget Daiquiri the pooch who provided splendid companionship.

Glenn VA7HC


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