HF Digital Modes presentation

On Tuesday evening March 26th, Brayden Wise VA7BKW’s HF Digital Modes presentation was terrific. He used a combination of a well prepared slide package, real time demonstration of the FT8 digital mode, and a solid question and answer dialogue.

The link to the video presentation can be found here. The passcode is k4!3v5af

Brayden’s slide package is here.

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  1. Alan
    Alan says:

    Good presentation. FT8 is what got me back into ham radio. 200+ countries in 2 years – yea!

    On the question of time sync… for field/POTA/SOTA operations, I sync my laptop at home using Meinberg over the Internet, and the laptop stays on time while offline for a few days at least. If you are outside of cell range, it is possible to sync the laptop to a FT8 signal on HF, using software called JTsync. You can also use JTsync to sync to a FT8 station that has a DT greater than 1 second; this helps WSJT-X to decode it. https://www.dxshell.com/jtsync.html



  2. Glenn Lindsey VA7HC
    Glenn Lindsey VA7HC says:

    Thanks for the great input, Alan. I send out a quick email to members with regards to “time sync” when using FT8.

  3. Joseph
    Joseph says:

    I was not able to attend the live session but watched it via the link in this blog. Thank you for making it available. Great presentation. FT8 time synchronization can be done in windows without 3rd party links. Right click on time/date, select adjust date/time, scroll down to “Sync now” and you are done. You have to be online for it. You can do it anytime. It will be good for a few days but I do it every time I start a FT8 session. Thank you Alan for gathering the info for this presentation.


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