7O2WX – Socotra Island, Yemen

Vladimir OK2WX starts his latest DXpedition to Socotra Island, Yemen on January 25. An announcement is up on DXNews.com. This amateur is very experienced but this site which is approximately 500 kilometers from the Yemenese shoreline seems a little foolhardy. With USAF FA-18s and Houthi missiles flying overhead, his Elecraft and ICOM rigs will be buzzing. But that’s only my humble opinion.

Perhaps it’s the whiskey; perhaps it’s the gin.

Check out his call sign on QRZ.

By the way, should you make a contact with him (he’s will be on the 160 meter contest this weekend), drop me a line via the Contact US tab and I’ll highlight your contact here.

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  1. Ron Richter VE7IRR
    Ron Richter VE7IRR says:

    With nearly a due North heading, this may be a FT8 exercise to this part of the world. It would be interesting to know if any Island HF members make contact.

    • Glenn Lindsey VA7HC
      Glenn Lindsey VA7HC says:

      A super interesting observation, Ron. I’m going to post your comment using the member’s email. It would be amazing if one of the members were able to make contact.


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